Best Robotic Pool Cleaner Reviews

Best Robotic Pool Cleaner Reviews for 2020

Welcome to Pooltronixs, the home of the best robotic pool cleaner reviews on the internet! We think robotic pool cleaners are fantastic as they take a lot of the hard work out of being a pool owner, leaving you more time to relax and enjoy the water.

The other great advantage of robotic pool cleaners is that they completely bypass your pool's filtration system. This signficantly reduces both your utility bills and the wear and tear on your pool equipment.

Below you will find reviews of our Top 5 Robotic Pool Cleaners for 2020 We also have reviews of many other models and types of automatic pool cleaner and are regularly updating the site with helpful information articles for pool owners.

We hope you enjoy exploring our site and it helps you find the best robotic pool cleaner for your pool!

Top 5 Robotic Pool Cleaners for 2020

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus
Dolphin Nautilus CC Auto
Hayward TigerShark RC9990CUB
Polaris F9550 Sport
Dolphin Triton PS

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Top 5 Robot Pool Cleaner Reviews


1. Dolphin Nautilus Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner

(Dolphin 99996403-PC)

The Dolphin 99996403-PC was built with convenience in mind. With the Dolphin Nautilus Plus you’ll be able to clean a pool in under two and half hours, and there are other useful features included.


The Nautilus Plus comes with a unique, easy to clean cartridge filter system, and there is a swivel cable that keeps the cables from getting entangled. As we have noted the Nautilus Plus cleans pools in 2.5 hours, but we have to mention this includes scrubbing, filtering and vacuuming.

The Nautilus Plus is equipped with the Dolphin IntelliScan Technology, and this is what allows the robot to clean the waterline, walls and the floor. The Nautilus also has a 50 foot cord to minimize dragging around of the unit.

If you’ve been using Dolphin pool cleaners for a while, you’ve probably heard or even tried the other Nautilus cleaners. The Nautilus Plus is an upgrade and has all the features of the original Nautilus. In addition, the Plus comes with a bigger filter so access is more convenient.

The Nautilus Plus usually runs without a hitch, but if there are problems the Easy-Fix modular components simplify the process of finding replacement parts. We also like that the Nautilus Plus runs independently of your pool’s filter and pump. What this means is you’ll be using less energy than other cleaning mechanisms.

The Nautilus Plus also has software built-in so your pool gets cleaned up regardless of the surface or shape.


  • Easy to use
  • Self-contained mechanism eliminates filter clogging
  • Filters are detachable and easy to clean
  • Quiet operation


  • Has some trouble cleaning angles
  • At 19 lbs. it is quite heavy. A lighter option is the standard Dolphin Nautilus, which is also in our Top 5 Best Robotic Pool Cleaners list.


The Nautilus Plus is a well-designed pool cleaner and simplifies pool maintenance. Its 360 suction does an effective job gathering debris. No pool cleaner is perfect, but with the Nautilus Plus you’ll be able to cut on backwashing. Tests also showed that repeated use improves filtration and circulation of pool water.

The bottom line is the Nautilus Plus speeds up pool cleaning, saves money, time and energy. It’s well-designed, and the PVC bristle brushes are ideal for cleaning different types of pools, plus it’s got climbing rings too. For all-around no fuss cleaning, the Nautilus is hard to beat.

2. Dolphin Nautilus Robotic Pool Cleaner with Swivel Cable

(Dolphin 99996323)

The Dolphin Nautilus may look similar to the other Dolphin robot pool cleaners, and it does share many of their features. It is also faster than other pool cleaners in its class, taking a maximum of 3 hours to do the job.


The Dolphin Nautilus 99996323 is equipped with a cartridge filter for quick cleaning, and as long as you clean the filter you can keep using it. To keep the 60 foot cable from getting entangled, it has a unique swivel design. The Nautilus is also plug and play so there’s no need to install anything.

It’s hard to stress how vital this feature is. With other robot pool cleaners there’s usually a complex installation process that takes forever to set up. Here you don’t need to install any component and you don’t have to tinker around with your pool system either.

Before the Dolphin Nautilus cleans your pool, it scans your pool and makes the proper adjustments for maximum performance. The cleaner comes with two kinds of removable screens / filters which collect the dirt. One is for trapping fine dirt and particles, while the other one is for larger debris and leaves.

When it comes to performance the Dolphin Nautilus 99996323 cleaner does what it should. Both filters do an excellent job of removing dirt, and it takes just a couple of hours to clean a 20 x 40 in-ground pool.


  • Does an excellent job cleaning pool floors and walls
  • Easy to operate
  • Filters are reusable
  • Cost effective operation


  • Doesn’t come with a handle for removing when in the pool
  • Some customers say the 60 ft. cord is too long


The Dolphin Nautilus cleaner is a very good robot cleaner. As we have explained above, it’s very easy to start the cleaner, and once ready it will do the rest. The 99996323 model removes even the smallest dirt particles, and its ability to climb walls keeps dirt from accumulating.

The cleaner pump is durable, and when it’s running you can see that it really works. A close look at the cleaner reveals it has a timer that turns the system off after three hours. With all these features, you can basically turn the cleaner on and it’ll do the job and shut down when it’s finished.

3. Hayward TigerShark RC9990CUB Robotic Pool Vacuum

[easyazon_image align=”none” height=”500″ identifier=”B019C98AQK” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”nichwebs0e-20″ width=”500″]

Hayward are one of the best robotic pool cleaner manufacturers in the world and their TigerShark robotic cleaners scour all pool surfaces quickly and completely.


The TigerShark model RC9990CUB features intelligent microprocessor-based technology, an on-board pump to provide strong vacuum power and energy-efficient operation. Furthermore, we think this is one of the best robotic pool cleaners due to its Quick Clean Technology. When selected this mode will give your pool a quick clean in 90 minutes.

In addition, this robot vacuum cleaner is really easy to maintain thanks to its reinforced polyester filter cartridges. Cleaning is as easy as simply opening the cleaner, removing the cartridge and rinsing. 

Setup is a breeze and doesn’t require any additional pumps, hookups or hoses. Like the other best robotic pool cleaners in our list the TigerShark runs separately from the pool's filtration system meaning less water is used for backwashing. This saves you a huge amount on your water bill. 


  • Cleans your pool in 3 hours or you can accelerate cleaning in 90 minutes using the Quick Clean Mode.
  • Long 3 Year Warranty
  • Easy to setup and maintain


  • Caddy for easy transportation doesn't come as standard. You can purchase this separately.
  • The robotic pool cleaner is on the heavy side at 21.5lbs. When it is full of water it will be much heavier and can be difficult removing from the pool due to its weight.

4. Polaris 9550 Sport Robotic In-Ground Pool Cleaner

The 9550 was built for cleaning efficiency, and it shows in the design. Exclusively for in-ground pools, the 9550 has an aquadynamic design for quick and reliable cleaning.


This is a 4 wheel drive pool robotic cleaner, and its Auqa-Trax tires allow the 9550 to navigate different types of pool surfaces. It also has a 7 day timer you can program, and it has a handheld remote for your convenience. Its motion sensing technology enables the 9550 to clean various kinds of pools.

The 9550 is equipped with a rear propulsion system so the robot cleaner can reach tight spots and go under the stairs to pick up debris. Its Vortex Vacuum Technology on the other hand, collects large debris while providing optimum suction. The 9550 is made up of mostly plastic parts, but it’s well-designed and durable. The design also manages to provide superior cleaning without being too heavy.

The list of innovative tech doesn’t end there as it also has the Activotion Sensor Technology, allowing the 9550 to navigate pools of different shapes and styles. Aside from the robotic vacuum cleaner, you also get a filter canister, a 60 ft. cord, the manual and an 110V transformer. A powder coated alloy caddy and heavy gauge are also included.


  • Easy to set up and program
  • Easy to assemble
  • Filter catches dirt very well
  • Reliable performance


  • Does not work on above ground pools
  • The cord needs to be untangled sometimes


The 9950 is one of the best robotic pool cleaners today. On a 40 x 16 x 8 pool, the 9950 takes around 90 minutes to clean, whereas other cleaners would need at least two hours. The 9950 doesn’t have problems cleaning irregularly shaped pools, and it removes dirt in even hard to reach areas.

The 9950 is an all-around robotic pool cleaner and eliminates dirt on seats, stairs and the water line. If you want to have better control of the cleaning process you can always use the remote. You can control a lot of the functions with the remote, but usually the 9950 does the job fine on its own.

The 9950 isn’t perfect, no pool cleaner is. The cord can be unwieldy for one, but overall it’s great.

5. Dolphin 99996356 Dolphin Triton Robotic Pool Cleaner with Caddy Swivel Cable

The Triton is designed for in-ground residential pools, and like the other Dolphin cleaners featured here, comes with a wide range of features that make cleaning easier. It has a lot in common with the other Dolphin cleaners, and it’s a good thing.


The Triton cleans walls, cove and pool floors, and it uses Dolphin’s proprietary technology to ensure optimum results. The Dolphin has an intelligent scanning system that allows it to navigate pools of varying shapes. Once in your pool, the Triton starts to go to work, vacuuming, filtering and scrubbing.

The Triton takes around 3 hours to thoroughly clean pool surfaces, though it can vary depending on the pool’s dimensions. It has a reusable filter, and it’s been designed to capture the most common types of particles found in pools. A close look at the Triton reveals that it has a swivel cable system so it doesn’t get entangled.

The inclusion of a caddy enhances its portability, and like the other Dolphin pool cleaners doesn’t require any installation. With older pool systems you have to link it up to your pool, and that takes too long. Once you have the Triton in the pool you can use it without messing around with your pool’s system. The cable is 60 feet and has a 4233 gallon per hour suction rate.


  • Cleans pool floors, walls and coves
  • Cleans pools up to 50 foot long
  • Good navigational skills
  • Plug and play


  • It’s heavy to lift out of the pool
  • One customer has trouble getting the remote to work


The Triton has gotten a lot of positive reviews and why not, as it cleans pools without a fuss. Whether floors, cove or the walls, the Triton doesn’t disappoint. One of the keys is the filter and it’s as good as advertised. The cleaner only weighs 18 lbs. so it’s not as heavy as those in its range.

The bottom line is the Triton is easy to use and will clean your pool. If you have never used a robot pool cleaner before you’re going to realize how simple it is. If you have used other pool cleaners then you’ll realize just how versatile it is compared to the others.


The question now is which of these is the most suitable and best robotic pool cleaner for your pool? The answer depends on your needs. If you’re looking for a cleaner that scrubs and vacuums quickly, the Dolphin 99996403-PC Dolphin Nautilus Plus is ideal as is the Triton.

If you’ve got an in-ground pool that’s heavily used, the Dolphin 99996323 is probably better, however the Hayward TigerShark would also do an excellent job. The Polaris on the other hand, is for those who want a programmable cleaner, and the Dolphin 99996356 is great for all-purpose cleaning.

In short, each of these robotic pool cleaners has their own specialties, so you just have to choose the one that best corresponds to your needs. What is important is there is a robotic pool cleaner here that is a match for your pool type and size. That’s the reason why we cannot recommend a specific type because it really depends on the type of pool you have.

We hope you find these best robotic pool cleaner reviews useful, as we conducted a lot of research to make sure only the top five were included in this list.  Good luck!