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Aquacal ACLEAN1 115v 60Hz Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

Time to clean your pool, but dreading all the time and labor involved? Keeping the pool clean is very critical as it can harbor diverse organisms. The pool can develop slime layers, and since it is used by different people (in the case of public pools), it is essential to clean it on a daily basis.

The result will be the development of skin related problems which are highly uncalled for.

Now getting your pool cleaned is easier said than done. If you want to do it manually, it can be quite cumbersome and time-consuming. In today’s world where time is of the utmost value, what if there was a device that automatically fulfilled all your cleaning needs?

The hurdles mentioned above have been well taken care of with the newly designed robotic automatic pool cleaner, designed for those who want to relax or workout and have no time on the schedule.

Well, here’s presenting you the Aquacal ACLEAN1 115v 60Hz Robotic Pool Cleaner.

The pool cleaner is more like a vacuum cleaner proposed to gather sediment and debris from water pools with negligible human involvement. So, relax. Let the machine do the talking for you.

Value for money

The return on investment is more than quite good. You spend quite lesser in comparison to the value derived out of its function. Besides, it’s an alternative to the pricier robotic water pool cleaner.

Features and specifications

The robotic pool cleaner has revolutionized pool cleaning, making it simply great and easy with absolutely no manpower required. It adds points to the saving front.

It weighs about 31.7 pounds, which are not very heavy and also consumes less power as compared to the other devices.

Guide to its application

A detailed manual comes along with it that guides you right from its operation to troubleshooting. The cleaner comes with a free floating cable and works on the power supply. All you have to do is uncoil the cable, lock the moveable handles, and let the cleaner sink to the bottom of the pool by moving it from side to side.

Then spread the coil as evenly as possible in the pool and connect to the power supply in a grounded outlet. Grounding is necessary to protect the electric outlet and prevent any possible shock.


Warranty is more like a formality. The product lasts by far than a year. Still, it comes with a one year warranty.

PVA brushes

Equipped with PVA brushes it does a really good cleaning job. A GFCI-USA or RCD-Europe can be used. The device records the number of cleaning cycles.

It comes with PVA brushes that provide a superior grip. This automatic pool cleaner requires minimum maintenance. On a regular basis, only the filter bag has to clean.


The PVA brushes and drive belts have to be changed according to the usage. It cleans all surfaces as well as the water lines and it can move over obstacles. No installation is required.

Besides the base of the pool, the walls need to be cleaned as well, and the aqua cleaner does just that. Internal timer allows you to leave the cleaner in the pool to automatically clean every 48, 72 or 96 hours. It comes with a caddy option. This particular model has a clean filter bag indicator.

Besides the internal timer, it is also compatible with an external timer that allows you to pre-program the cleaner to operate when you are not at home. It comes with top loading filter baskets that are easy to empty.

It can be used for cleaning all types of pools. Residential pools up to 860 sq. are thoroughly scrubbed, cleaned and filtered in just 90 minutes. 20.9 x 19.9 x 17.2 inches.

Why is Aquacal ACLEAN1 115v 60Hz Robotic Pool Cleaner is worth the investment?

  1. Cleans all types of surfaces
  2. Climbs walls and obstacles
  3. Scrubs waterline
  4. PVA brushes for superior grip
  5. No installation required
  6. Minimal maintenance
  7. Clean filter bag’ indicator
  8. Convenient caddy option available

Guess it’s the time for you to relax and make the time spent on cleaning the pool on doing some more productive exercise. Undoubtedly, the returns are by far more than the investment done on the product.

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