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Black Friday Robotic Pool Cleaner Deals 2017

Black Friday 2018 Robotic Pool Cleaner Deals

Black Friday 2018 is here! Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year is upon us with discounts galore across all product ranges. We hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving yesterday and are ready for four days of bargain hunting over the Black Friday and Cyber Monday long weekend! Are you looking to get […]

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How to keep a pool clean

How To Keep A Pool Clean – It’s Easy When You Know How

If you own a pool, then well done to you. There is nothing better than jumping in the water after a long day at work, or even diving into the water or a swim after you wake. It is a great way to start or end the day, but it is not all fun and […]

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Dolphin 99996403-pc

Dolphin 99996403-PC Dolphin Nautilus Plus Review

The Dolphin Nautilus Plus was designed as a replacement for the popular Nautilus line, but is it as good as advertised? If you’ve been using a Nautilus system, is it worth upgrading to this? Or if you have never used a robot pool cleaner before, is the Nautilus Plus the right choice? Features Filtering System: […]

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Dolphin 99996323 Dolphin Nautilus Robotic

Dolphin Nautilus Robotic Pool Cleaner Review – Model 99996323

The Dolphin Nautilus Robotic Pool Cleaner 99996323 is one of the most popular products from Maytronics. Judging from the hundreds of positive reviews that have been posted online, it seems like the right one for most pools. But how good is it really compared to the other robotic pool cleaners in the market? That is what […]

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Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner Review 2018

We love Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaners here at Pooltronixs and they feature highly in our Best Robotic Pool Cleaner lineup. Their latest robot, the is the flagship product for the entire Dolphin range. It even has its own dedicated website to separate it from all the other Dolphin Robots that Maytronics manufacture. With that sort […]

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Dolphin 99996356 Dolphin Triton Robotic

Dolphin Triton Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

The brand name Dolphin has long been associated with quality robotic pool cleaners, and the Dolphin Triton is a good example of this. If you’re thinking of buying a robotic pool cleaner, this is as good an option as any. Although Dolphin’s Triton models have been around for years, the latest version was released in 2017 and […]

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What is a salt chlorine generator?

What is a Salt Chlorine Generator? Ultimate Pool Cleaning Efficiency

A lot of people love the idea of having their own swimming pool. It provides a private place to relax and cool off during the hotter months. Swimming is also a great way to get some exercise and have fun splashing around. It’s important to keep in mind that with that fun comes maintenance. If […]

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automatic pool skimmer reviews

Automatic Pool Skimmer Reviews – 2 of the best for 2018

Sometimes, your pool doesn’t need a full cleaning; you just want to clean out the surface stuff. After all, there’s a lot of things that can fall into your swimming pool like leaves, dust, bugs, and more. This is why you’ll want to get an automatic pool skimmer. In the past, skimming the pool required […]

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Hayward Robotic Pool Cleaner Reviews

Hayward Robotic Pool Cleaner Reviews

Robotic pool cleaners are full of technology that make our lives easier, leaving us more time to enjoy the comfort of home. Since they are relatively new to the market, it can be hard to distinguish what sets one apart from the other. Hayward is a trusted brand in this arena with a wide-range of pool […]

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Dolphin Robotic pool cleaner reviews

Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner Reviews

Owning a pool is a luxury that provides health benefits, entertainment, and work-life balance. In the old days, it came at the cost of hefty pool maintenance – a long and exhausting process that decreased its attractiveness. Now there is a new option for people who want to enjoy their outdoor space without all of […]

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