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Automatic Pool Skimmer Reviews – 2 of the Best

Sometimes, your pool doesn’t need a full cleaning; you just want to clean out the surface stuff. After all, there’s a lot of things that can fall into your swimming pool like leaves, dust, bugs, and more. This is why you’ll want to get an automatic pool skimmer.

In the past, skimming the pool required you to get a net and manually do it. With these new devices, you can save a lot of time and effort. In these Automatic Pool Skimmer Reviews we take a look at two of the most interesting and innovative examples we've come across.

Solar-Breeze NX2 Robotic Solar Pool Cleaner - New for 2019!

​One of the more interesting pool skimmers is the Solar Breeze NX2. It’s an automatic pool skimmer that functions much like a Roomba Robot Vacuum.

However, instead of cleaning a solid surface, this robotic pool skimmer cleans the surface of the pool. This is a cool product for several reasons.



The real selling point of this product is that it is completely solar powered. The top of the device is covered by solar panels and is the main source of power for this floating pool skimmer. This is interesting since a lot of the automatic pool cleaning devices out there are powered by batteries or by a power cord. Thanks to solar power, this device does not consume electricity, doesn’t get its cord tangled, and can operate as long as the sun is shining.


The cleaning filter that this device uses is pretty great. There are a whole lot of things you can find on the top of the swimming pool. Surface tension catches dirt, bugs, leaves, and more; the NX2 cleans it all up. You can expect this device to clean up to 90% of all dirt that you can find on the surface of the pool. That even includes suntan oil.


Using the same principle as popular robotic cleaners, this device operates with no additional input from anyone. You simply put it on top of the pool and it will do its thing. Come back in 10 minutes, and you can expect to find a clean pool.


  • Environment friendly—If you haven’t noticed the AC booster pumps of pool cleaners are some of the most power-consuming devices in the home. Unlike other pool cleaners, this device does not guzzle that much power, thanks to the fact that it uses solar energy to keep it going.
  • Time saving—The big thing about floating pool skimmers is that they are pretty simple to operate. All you need to do with this one is lay it on the pool surface and turn it on. Normally, with a net, you would need to skim your pool for 30 minutes to get it fully clean; this is a lot of work. However, with the robotic pool skimmer, it can have it done in half that time.
  • Constant—Another great advantage of this device is that it can keep going. For example, you’ve got a windy day and you don’t have a tarp for your pool; that usually means you can expect a lot of dirt to end up at the bottom of your pool or in the filter. No worries with this product—just put it down and keep it running. Considering how quickly it operates, you will hardly find anything at the bottom—and all this at zero energy cost.


  • Need for guidance—You may need to check on the skimmer every once and a while because its guidance system is pretty basic. An unfortunate side-effect of this is the fact that it tends to get stuck in corners. Keep an eye out for it and retrieve the cleaner and release it again to let it do its job.
  • Solar dependence—The big downside of being solar-powered is the fact that once the sun sets, you’re not going to get any work from this thing. Keep this in mind and deploy it during the morning or the middle of the day.

In the video below, Paul Sim, the CEO of Solar Pool Technologies, the company behind the Solar-Breeze NX tells you all about the key features and performance of this great value automatic pool skimmer.

It is not just automatic robots that can help keep a pool clean. The PoolSkim Pool Skimmer doesn’t even move and it manages to do the job.

Furthermore, the PoolSkim is the winner of international pool cleaning awards! Here’s a quick look at it to see how effective it can be.



This device needs no batteries or external power source. It’s actually an attachment to your water filter. Thanks to the suction created by the filter, a venturi effect is created. This draws in the surface water of your pool towards the net of the skimmer; the result is that any dirt or debris is caught in it


Made of PVC and urethane, this device will stay in your pool for years. Even the net is durable, but you’ll probably need to replace that more quickly than the rest of the materials


  • Easy operation—You don’t even need to put anything into the pool; it’s always there and always active. This means that your pool will stay clean as long as the filter pump keeps running. Even its installation is pretty simple, and it doesn’t even have moving parts that need repair.
  • No power consumption—No batteries and no power cords are needed for this device. The effect is purely mechanical and will keep on functioning without input
automatic pool skimmer reviews

Y.P. - HI (01/12/17) 


Since installation my daily pool skimming duties have dropped by 80%! It has been easy to maintain.  Thank you for creating a product that really works.


  • The net—The net that catches the dirt and debris will regularly need to be cleaned out. You may also want to check it for tears to ensure that your pool is getting fully cleaned.

In the video below, PoolSkim introduce their automatic pool skimmer and take you through the key features so you can decide if this is a suitable product for you.


When you’re looking for an automatic pool skimmer, these two products present two interesting approaches. The Solar Breeze NX is all about being proactive; you set it up on the surface of the water and the solar powered skimmer floats around cleaning the pool.

The PoolSkim product is passive and just lets the dirt and debris come to it. Both are quite effective, and they each have their own advantages and disadvantages. You might want to decide which is more effective for your circumstances and your budget.

Of course, if you want to get a deeper clean of your pool you might want to get something more advanced that will take care of your pool's floor, walls and steps. Head over to our home page to check out the best robotic pool cleaners that will get your whole pool sparkling whilst you sit back and relax.

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