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Above Ground Pool Maintenance 101

above ground pool maintenance

Many people dream of owning their own pool, but what happens once you purchase your pool and realize you don’t fully know how to take care of it? How do you keep it clean and make sure all the equipment is properly running? There are so many different aspects of keeping a pool running well, […]

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Top Pool Owners Websites in 2017

Top Pool Owners Blogs

Taking care of your pool can be very satisfying, but also complicated at times. Buying a pool can be just as difficult if you don’t know what it is you need. There are so many different kinds of pools, chemicals, pool cleaners and accessories that it can sometimes be really hard to know where to […]

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What is a Pool Skimmer?

what is a pool skimmer?

No matter what kind of pool you may have or consider purchasing, it’s very important to have a good pool skimmer, otherwise, you could wind up with an over-worked pump that needs to be replaced too often. If you’re new to pool care, then you may be wondering what a pool skimmer is and why […]

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Saltwater vs Chlorine Pool – The Big Decision

Saltwater vs Chlorine pool

For many pool owners and prospective pools owners, there’s one big debate running through their minds right now: saltwater vs chlorine pools. In the past, pools usually had chlorinated water in them. However, today, there’s stiff competition between saltwater systems and the old chlorine treatment. If you’re curious about the differences between the two, here’s […]

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Robotic Cleaner Troubleshooting

Robotic cleaner troubleshooting

If you use a robotic cleaner to clean your swimming pool, then by now, you must have got used to its automatic service. However, if your robotic cleaner doesn’t function as it should, then don’t panic as the reason can be quite simple and easily rectifiable. Robotic cleaner troubleshooting is generally easy and simple and […]

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Robotic Pool Cleaner Brands

Robotic cleaner brands

Worldwide, there are numerous Robotic Pool Cleaner brands present. In the USA there are several manufacturers who have floated their brands, but the lesser known Chinese and even African manufacturers are also making Robotic Cleaners. In several countries, like India, where there are no or lesser known native manufacturers for this product, there may be […]

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