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How long should my robotic pool cleaner last

How Long Should My Robotic Pool Cleaner Last?

When summer is coming in, and a dip in the pool begins to look more and more inviting, are you going to toil under the hot sun to scrub out all the debris of the autumn and winter and then fall in your pool? Chances are, it’s not happening. Automatic Pool Cleaners can be purchased […]

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How do robotic pool cleaners work

How do Robotic Pool Cleaners Work?

Where there is a problem, there are solutions. For the problem of swimming pool cleaning many solutions have been offered and often the latter solutions have been improvisations of the earlier ones. The latest technology solution in vogue for swimming pool cleaning is ‘The Robotic Pool Cleaner’. Thinking through the Problem An automatic pool cleaner […]

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Robotin pool cleaner dolphin vs aquabot

Robotic Pool Cleaner Dolphin vs Aquabot

There are a lot of quality brands in the robot pool cleaner market, and few are as popular as Dolphin and Aquabot. They’re both highly regarded, with their products consistently getting good reviews.

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Robotin pool cleaner comparison

Robotic Pool Cleaner Comparison

Robotic pool cleaners have made the lives of many pool owners easier. Manually cleaning pools is a whole day affair, but with a robot cleaner it will only take 2 to 3 hours. So it’s not surprising that manufacturers have come up with various models, each claiming to be the best available. With so many […]

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