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Doheny’s Jet Drive AG Powered by Aquabot

Swimming is one of the best workouts that keep your body in shape. Swimming daily for an hour ensures the refreshment of mind and keeps you intact. Besides, even if you just plan to have a gala time in the water pool, you’ll enjoy every second of it.

The roadblock to this quotidian activity is the maintenance of the water pool. That large water body at the back of your house needs to be timely maintained. If you get some downtime from your busy schedule, you would not want to spend it on cleaning your water pool.

The above hurdle has been well taken care of with the newly designed robotic automatic pool cleaner. It is created for people who want to relax or work out too much and have no time to clean the pool on their own.

The following description will take you through the bits of the product.

Costs Less and Value For Money

The return on investment is more than good for the product. You spend quite lesser in comparison to the value derived out of its function. Besides, it’s an alternative to the pricier robotic water pool cleaner.

Technical Know How

To start with, the application of this electronic gadget is risk-free (usually runs on 100-200 volts AC) and easy to access. The device is connected to a transformer which is connected to a standard wall through 50-foot long chord.

It has two electric motors: pumper and driver. The pumper of the machine, which is equipped at 24 volts, sucks all the dirt (algae, debris, etc.) on the walls of the pool into the device’s filter. While, the driver propels the device along the walls of the pool.

The machine is engineered for the pools up to 40 feet. It is light weighted and an excellent choice for the owners as it gets into the cracks and coves, scooping up dirt trapped in the tighter spaces.

Design and Cleaning Features

The device has been specially crafted for the above ground pools. It works quickly and smoothly cleaning up the entire pool in an hour or less. Also, the automatic shutter has been ingrained into the device.

The efficiency of the machine increases with the equipment of triple clean scrubbing system and the rubber tracks that enable the device for better adherence to any pool surface.

The system is loaded with an obstacle sensor. Hence, it won’t hit or get stuck by any solid surface.

The USP of the device lies in the jet-drive propulsion that takes lesser time to clean solid surfaces than most of the peer devices.


The life of the product is usually far longer than a year. It comes with a one year warranty period. The brand has good market standpoint as it is pool serving since 1967.

Lower Energy and Maintenance Costs

The device is not directly in contact with the pool’s water pump. Therefore, it produces no additional back pressure on the pool’s system, unlike a pressure-or suction-based cleaner. Hence, you avoid the need to add a power booster pump, which saves in up-front costs.

The robotic pool cleaner is computer-controlled and automatically “learns” the most efficient path to clean your pool’s unique surfaces. It performs very efficaciously, which saves you money on power and chemicals compared to less intelligent devices that rely on your pump’s circulation system.

Fine Filtration

Not to forget, the device has a highly efficient pool filter that makes it easy to clean. The machine has a filter as fine as 2 microns. Even the finest of the particles cannot be left uncleaned.

Worth an Investment

There are various reasons for you to upgrade from the out of trend pool cleaner to the robotic one.

  1. Extreme and fine cleaning- courtesy design
  2. Lower energy – runs on lower voltage
  3. Climb and scrub the walls
  4. No pump upgrade needed
  5. Drop it in the water & go – saves you some time
  6. Maintenance-friendly
  7. Good product warranty
  8. Lower chemical usage
  9. Super-simple installation- even a layman can easily operate
  10. Low noise level

Save yourself some time, energy, and trouble with this jet-drive machine powered by Aquaboat. A sleek item that automatically makes it way around the pool and performs the tasks. Happy cleaning!

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