Dolphin Robotic pool cleaner reviews

Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner Reviews

Owning a pool is a luxury that provides health benefits, entertainment, and work-life balance. In the old days, it came at the cost of hefty pool maintenance – a long and exhausting process that decreased its attractiveness. Now there is a new option for people who want to enjoy their outdoor space without all of the upkeep: robotic pool cleaners.

The Dolphin brand is well known for its cost-effectiveness, performance, and dependability. Choosing the right robotic pool cleaner is hard, especially because this innovative technology is new and unfamiliar to most homeowners. 

Dolphin robotic pool cleaners are broken down into four categories:

We are fans of the Dolphin brand of robot pool cleaners here at Pooltronixs and this is evident in the fact that we have 3 Dolphin models included in our Top 10 Robotic Pool Cleaners.

This review will focus on three models that fall into the latter 3 categories and that are all designed for in-ground pool cleaning. These models add to the other in-ground pool robots in the Dolphin range such as the Dolphin Premier and Dolphin Triton, which are two of our favourites. Lets see what features these models have to offer.

Dolphin Cayman Robotic Inground Pool Cleaner​

​The Dolphin Cayman Robotic Pool Cleaner is a new product that was released in 2017. It is equipped with technology that will make cleaning and maintaining your pool a hassle-free experience.

It also offers great value as it is very competitively priced compared to other Dolphin robotic pool cleaners that we've reviewed.

Dolphin Cayman Pool Cleaner Technology

The Cayman comes with a Scrubbing HyperBrush to remove stubborn contaminants from your pool. It spins faster than traditional brushes, allowing for deeper penetration and the removal of excess build-up. It also has SmartNav 2.0™ Robotic Scanning, a mapping system that guides your robot during the entire cleaning process.

Other robotic pool cleaners have a tendency to get stuck when an obstacle like a drain crosses their path. This technology will also prevent the robot from wasting time.

It achieves the best pool coverage by making sure the same surfaces are not covered twice. In addition, the Dolphin Cayman Pool Cleaner will make sure it scrubs all the areas of your pool from floor to waterline.

Cleaning Times

Cleaning cycles are done in two-hour time windows. Cycles can be programmed ahead of time in the event that you’re not home or otherwise pre-occupied.

This is an attractive feature because it ensures that your pool will always be ready when you want to kick back and relax, or if you are expecting guests.


Robotic pool cleaners have a tendency to be heavy and hard to transport – that is why several of them come with the option for a caddy. This product only weighs 14 pounds and features a carry handle to make it extra portable.

Dirt Storage and Filtration

The Cayman is easy to maintain because it has large storage capacity. If you’re going out of town and you have programmed the robot, you can rest assured that the cartridge won’t be overfilled.

You’ll be surprised just how much this little guy can carry around. It will scrub away algae-like substances from the floor and walls and pick up debris that fall into the pool. It is also equipped with SnapLoc™ filters to reduce the amount of work that goes into cleaning them.

The cartridge can be accessed from the top of the unit to access the filters quickly. After you remove the filters, simply rinse them off and snap them back in to complete the process.

Dolphin Cayman Video Review

Check out the 2 minute video below of the Cayman pool cleaner in action showing off the key features we've outlined above:

​Next up in the Dolphin series is the Quantum Robotic Inground Pool Cleaner. This model is also equipped with SmartNav 2.0 to keep your robot focused on the task at hand.

Dolphin Quantum Pool Cleaner Technology

Just like the Cayman, it uses dual scrubbing brush technology (the HyperBrush) to eliminate any contaminants in its path. It works twice as hard to give your pool an optimal clean in the shortest amount of time.

It also features Power Jet 3D™ Vectored Thrust to give it unbeatable range of motion. This is made possible through three jet nozzles that actually propel the robot in the direction it wants to go, improving its overall accuracy.

In addition to steering the robot, it helps it stay in place by thrusting it against a surface like the walls of your pool. Jet-powered technology lets the robot stay in control throughout the entire cleaning cycle.


The Quantum model allows you to choose your filter type based on micron size. For example, if there are a lot of larger particles you want to pick up, you should use the macro over the micro filter.

These filters can easily be swapped out depending on the depth you want to accomplish. It has the same convenient top-access and SnapLoc™ filters as the Cayman.

Dolphin Quantum Video Review

The video below provides a detailed overview of the Dolphin Quantum's features including:

  • how the robot pool cleaner pushes the limits on energy efficency by running on only 180W of power;
  • its lean, lightweight ergonomic design;
  • how the Smart Nav 2.0™ technology means the robot avoids overlapping cleaning paths and minimizes cleaning time;   
  • how the innovative Power Jet 3D™ technology allows the robot to hold itself in a precisely fixed position against the pool wall;

​The last contender in our Dolphin robotic pool cleaner reviews is the Oasis Z5. It’s also brand new to the robotic pool cleaner market and comes ready with a caddy and remote.

Dolphin Oasis Z5 Pool Cleaner Technology

It is designed with three motors to give the robot the optimal suction capacity it needs to remove all the debris from your pool. It also has a CleverClean Scanning, allowing it to navigate around awkward spaces and obstacles in its path. It can even clean in a straight line when it is moving across an uneven surface.

Rest-assured that all the floor, walls, and crevices of your pool will be addressed with tough scrubbing brushes. There are two motors that operate simultaneously – one powers the jet pump while the other is dedicated to thrust. These onboard DC motors boost the performance of the Oasis Z5 which leads to consistent and striking results.

Since a remote control is included, you can choose whether the robot’s cleaning cycle is automatic or manual. You can also schedule or delay when it will operate, making it work around your schedule.

This unit features a cable swivel and top-access entry to make maintenance stress-free. The filters are cleaned in the same fashion as the Cayman and Quantum – remove, rinse, and replace.

Although this product has a history of reliability, it was designed to be user friendly in the event of a problem. The modular components are simple to replace and don’t typically require the manufacturer to step in.

It has a top-notch warranty that must be included online, an oversight you won’t want to miss at the time of purchase.

Dolphin Oasis Z5 Video Review

The first video below is an unboxing of the Dolphin Oasis Z5 that shows the robot pool cleaner in close up so you see what you are getting. The second video shows it in action in the pool using the "waterline" function on the pro remote


Each of these Dolphin robotic pool cleaners are well designed and a worthwhile investment for residential pool owners. Put time and excitement back into your day by letting technology do your dirty work for you.

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