Hammerhead Pool Cleaner Reviews

Hammerhead Pool Cleaner Reviews

​Although at Pooltronixs we focus primarily on robotic pool cleaners for home use, we thought it would be interesting to switch gears for a change and focus on pool cleaners specifically for Pool Service Professionals. Having looked at the offerings in the market we decided Hammerhead Pool Cleaner Reviews would be appropriate as Hammer-Head Patented Performance, Inc. are a long established and leading manufacturer of professional pool cleaners. If you're a Pool Care Pro then this article is for you!

Cleaning a pool should be a serious affair. People swim in it, after all, and they want to be safe. That’s why when they turn to you as a pool safety technician, you want to bring your “A” game.

To do that, you need the best tools out there. This is why getting a Hammerhead Pool Cleaner is necessary. With any of these, you can be sure that you can deliver on your cleaning promises.

Hammerhead- Service Unit 21 Complete with 21 Inch Head, 60 Foot Cord, 2 Debris Bags, and Truck/Trailer Mount​​

​Hammerhead sells four variants of its main cleaner; they are divided between service and resort types. Resort cleaners are meant to be onsite cleaners that are rarely moved.

Service cleaners are what pool technicians are interested in—they can be carted around on personalized mount assemblies that make them easy to transport. There are two variants of the Service type: the Service 21 and the Service 30. Let’s first discuss the Service 21.


  • Portable—The main feature of the Hammerhead Service Pool Cleaner is that it is so easy to transport; it comes with an excellent Serv-Cart Unit. Hitch up the main cleaning unit and you can move it from place to place in a hurry. The cart itself is no slouch, with stainless-steel wheel bearings and airless non-marking tires. There is even space for accessories in a storage part of the cart. The cart also happens to have a swivel mount for a pole and other accessories. All in all, it weighs a reasonable 110 lbs.
  • Wide vacuum head—For cleaning the bottom of the pool, this product has a large vacuum head. The Service 21 version has a 21” head, with an 8” discharge and urethane wheels. The entire frame is stainless steel so that you won’t have any trouble with it corroding. With its wide head, you can expect to cover a large area in less time than usual. A lot of users have reported a drop of at least 50% in their cleaning time when they started using this cleaner.
  • Powerful vacuum—Another impressive feature is how powerful the main vacuum of this product is. It has a pressurized quick-change motor to provide suction. With a three-blade prop, it can draw in a lot of dirt and debris. With the 2 debris bags included with the package, you can easily get your cleaning done quickly. The vacuum has a 60’ cord so that you can reach most places in the pool.
  • Truck mount—If you’re moving from place to place, then you’re most likely working from a truck. The cart moves smoothly so you’ll need something that will keep your cleaner secure while you travel. Thanks to the added mount, you can lock it in your vehicle for no worries during your travels.
  • Varied configurations—Hammerhead knows that different jobs have different needs; that’s why they give you options of which type of Service cart you can buy. You can get the cart assembly, the vehicle mounting, longer cords, and even some extras; you can further expand this by buying more accessories. As a pool technician, you will appreciate this flexibility


There are several advantages to buying this product.

  • Very quick—This is a powerful and large pool cleaner. As a pool technician, you are usually going to have a lot of different jobs in a single day, and you’ll want to be able to finish them as quickly as possible. Hammerhead cleaners are thorough enough that you can finish a standard-sized pool in half your normal time. Packing up is even easier. This allows you to do more jobs in the long run. More jobs mean more money.
  • Convenient—A lot of pool cleaners normally need you to unpack first. This is what contributes to a lot of the time spent at a job. You’ll need to hunt for a power source, and unload the cleaner before you can get to work. However, with Hammerhead cleaners, you don’t have to worry about that. You can buy a battery to be your power source, while you can also get additional accessories for the vacuum head and the device; this means you can use it for a variety of purpose.
  • Durable—As a businessman, you want to be as cost-effective as possible, which is why you don’t want to spend too much on your bottom line. With Hammerhead Pool Cleaners, you won’t be spending too much on it. It is solid and durable; after the initial outlay, you can expect to use the cleaner for years.


It is not perfect though.

  • Accessories—The main problem is that it’s not fully complete. The vacuum head and the cart are there, but to fully utilize it, you’ll want to buy a vacuum pole, a battery, and a charger. This adds to your initial purchase price by quite a bit.

​Hammerhead- Service Unit 30 Complete with 30 Inch Head, 60 Foot Cord, 2 Debris Bags, Cart and Truck/Trailer Mount​


This unit is actually pretty much the same. There is one difference though.

  • Wider head—The Service 30 model has a wider vacuum head. Instead of the 21” head, you get a 30” vacuum head that covers a larger area. This can be useful if you deal with larger pools since the extra 9” adds up a lot when you’re using it to cover the bottom of a pool.


  • Quicker—Thanks to the wider head, you can cover a lot more space quickly.


  • More expensive—It does mean that there’s a bump up in the price of the unit.


Both Service types are excellent examples of why any pool technician should invest in a Hammerhead Pool Cleaner. They are portable, accessible, and simple to operate.

When making your rounds, you’ll appreciate having these by your side. If you’re upgrading your pool cleaning equipment or are just starting to offer your services, seriously consider buying one of these two to add to your tools. They make cleaning a whole lot easier in the long run, no matter which one you choose.

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Louis says November 3, 2017

Interesting read and a fair assessment. While it’s true that Hammerhead doesn’t include a pole or battery, both of those things would greatly increase shipping cost! I think they were just going for the “keep it simple” philosophy and focussing on the core components…also, since they are primarily aimed at pool cleaning professionals, I would wager most of their customers already have a straight pole or two of choice kicking around!

Nice blog!

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