how to open a pool for summer

How To Open A Pool For Summer In 6 Easy Steps

It is that time of year again, or maybe it is not, but you still want to open your pool. Having a pool is a great luxury and a great responsibility. When it comes time to open up your pool for the season, it can be tempting to get a professional to do it for you, but there is another way. You can save yourself some money and do it yourself. We are here to tell you exactly what you need to do to open an in-ground or above-ground pool. Join us as we show you how to open a pool.

How to Open an In-ground Pool

how to open an inground pool

When the weather begins to get warmer, you will begin to wonder how to open a pool after winter. There is nothing better than getting your pool up and running after a long, cold winter. So, what are the steps to open a pool?

Before you get started, you need to assemble your safety equipment and chemicals. You may need:

  • A pool cover pump;
  • Broom, net, skimmer, garden hose, pool brush;
  • Cover cleaner, pool opening chemical kit, test strips;
  • Gasket lubricant, thread seal tape, pool shock;
  • Safety goggles and gloves

Read our instructions and then decide on the equipment that you need. Assemble all of your equipment before you get started and bring a friend to help you out. If it is a hot day, we recommend wearing some sunscreen and clothing to protect you against sunburn. When using the chemicals, you should wear protective clothing, but you will not need this for all steps of your pool opening.

Step 1: Cleaning

The first step is to get rid of any gunk on your pool cover.

Sweep away any large debris such as leaves and dirt. Use a pool cover pump to get rid of any water which has accumulated. If you have a friend with you, have them help you remove the pool cover. If not, then you will have to rely on your own strength. 

Give the pool cover a once-over, checking to see if you need to repair it. Clean the cover with your cover cleaner and leave out to dry before putting it into storage.

Grab your skimmer and skim any of the large debris from the surface of the water.

Step 2: Remove and Install Fittings 

When you closed your pool for the winter, you probably installed winterizing plugs. if you did, then it is time to remove them.

Do you have any pool equipment, such as ladders or rails? Go ahead and reattach them.

Step 3: Top Up Water

You may also notice that the pool is at a lower level than where you left it.

Top up the pool with water until it is at the recommended level.

Step 4: Setup your Filtration System

Reinstall your drain plugs, using thread seal tape where needed and lubricating any of the 0-rings.

Open up your return valves so that the water can circulate.

Turn on your pump.

Check your filter and give it a wash (or replace it) as needed.

Step 5: Final Cleaning

Next, brush and vacuum the pool to remove any dirt which has accumulated.

Step 6: Balance Your Water

Now, it is time to balance your water. Do you have your pool opening chemicals?

Use your test strips to check the water or take a sample over to a local pool store for a more in-depth test. Adjust the levels in the following order: alkalinity, pH, and calcium.

Put on your safety goggle and gloves and add some pool shock as needed (be sure not to add it directly to your filter system). Dissolve the shock in water and distribute it around your pool.

Let your filtration system run for at least 24 hours to filter the water adequately and mix all of the chemicals. Check the water again the next day. If your levels are fine, then you are ready to go for a swim.

How to Open an Above-ground Pool

How to open an above ground pool

Opening an above-ground pool is similar to opening an in-ground pool. You will need a lot of the same equipment, including:

  • Pool cover pump;
  • Broom and skimmer;
  • Cover cleaner;
  • Start-up chemical kit;
  • Safety goggles and gloves;
  • An optional friend

Step 1: Cleaning

Your first task is to remove any large debris from the cover of your pool.

Use your broom to brush off any leaves and other dirt from the top of the pool cover. Once the top is cleared, use your pool cover pump to remove any of the water which is sitting on the top of the cover. If you cannot remove the cover by yourself, have a friend help you. Place the cover in a flat area and use your cover cleaner to clean the pool cover. Let the pool cover dry before you place it in storage.

Step 2: Remove and Install Fittings 

If you have any pool plugs or ice compensators installed for the winter, now is the time to remove them. Reinstall the skimmer baskets if needed and make sure the return jets are hooked up to the return line.

Step 3: Top Up Water 

If the water level in your pool has dropped over the winter, now is the time to top it up to the correct level. If you have any equipment which is attached or goes around the pool, then you can also reinstall those.

Step 4: Setup your Filtration System

Remove all your winterized plugs from the drains of your pool filter. Attach the system hoses and make sure that the connections are tight and secure. Connect your skimmer, pump, filter, heater, chlorinator, etc. You can then start your pump and filter. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to backwash your filter and pump system as needed.

Step 5: Final Cleaning

Skim any large particles from your pool with a skimmer.

Brush the surfaces of the pool and setup your above ground pool vacuum if you have one to remove any dirt and grime.

Step 6: Balance Your Water

Use your test strips to test the quality of the pool water. If you need to add any pool chemicals, you should do so now; you should also add your shock to the water.

Once your chemicals are at the correct level, and you have cleaned your pool, you are ready to open your pool for the season.

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