Maytronics DX3 Dolphin Robotic Cleaner Review

Maytronics DX3 Dolphin Robotic Cleaner Review

When the word swimming pool is mentioned, the first thoughts that come to mind are: relaxation, reading books, parties, chilling out and so on.

However, there is also a stressful side to it and swimming pool owners know it all too well – cleaning. Maintaining a swimming pool is not easy at all, especially when it comes to cleaning because it can be extremely exhausting. Trees, wind and all sorts of wildlife are a pool’s worst enemy.

Having to clean it manually is awfully time consuming, along with that you also use up a lot of energy and at the end of the day you will eventually get sick of owning a pool and this would probably reduce the wish to even spend time by the pool for any reason.

Thankfully, there is a really useful invention to make your life easier and help you enjoy all the benefits of owning a pool without the task of cleaning one up manually. We’re talking about robotic pool cleaners. It’s a device that cleans your in-ground or above ground pool for you and you don’t even move a muscle.

One of the leading models for in-ground pool cleaning for some time now is the Maytronics DX3 Dolphin Robotic Cleaner. It does a great job cleaning the walls, floor and even the cover of your pool. It’s a great device that saves you time and energy.


  • Suitable for in-ground pools only
  • Easily cleans the pool walls
  • Recommended for pools that are up to 40 feet in length
  • It has a 60′ long cable
  • Its weight is 18,75 pounds
  • Cleaning cycle time of 3 hours
  • It has a big self-contained internal filter bag which can collect dirt debris and dust
  • Weekly timer
  • It is able to Process 4,233 gallons of water an hour


  • It is automatic and it requires no supervision
  • Easy to handle and to get it working
  • The brushes are strong and they scrub away any visible dirt from the pool surface
  • It cleans thoroughly and it takes away even smallest parts of dirt like dust particles
  • Cleans walls well due to the good brushes and the light weight of the whole device
  • Works straight out of the box, no need to connect it to a pool pump
  • It is very durable because it is made of high quality, robust, engineered parts
  • Weekly timer frees up more of your time
  • It is friendly for your budget as it is eco-friendly and energy efficient
  • The owner’s manual is very helpful



The Maytronics DX3 dolphin robotic pool cleaner is an in-ground pool machine and that is about the only drawback to this model. Some robotic pool cleaners only clean floors, but what is the point in all of that if you have to go in the pool after the machine to scrub the walls?

Well this model has that covered, as it also cleans the pool walls so you can kick back and relax. It has an exceptional design and is built out of higher quality materials than your average robotic pool cleaner.

It uses a 60′ cable and Maytronics recommend a limit of 50′ pools. While newer Maytronics models use the genius filter mesh system, the DX3 dolphin robotic pool cleaner uses filter bags, which still work fine, but it takes a bit more time to clean them up – with a hose.

If you are lazy and don’t feel like cleaning after, you can always buy a replacement bag because this bag is easily replaceable and removable in case it gets damaged. Its weight of 18. 75 pounds is far from being the heaviest machine on the market, but to be fair it still can be quite a task to take it out of the pool for a person that doesn’t have a lot of muscle strength.

Compared to other equally powerful pool cleaners, this device is much easier to operate and maintain. The cycle time is 3 hours, which is not the fastest time of a robotic cleaner on the market, but it still is a very respectable time to achieve.

The internal pump of this device is really strong and it processes 4,233 gallons of water per hour, which makes it one of the strongest ones on the market. It possesses a strong base scrubbing brush which is guaranteed to get the job done and this will be visible even after the first clean.

Here is a video from the manufacturer of the Maytronics DX3 Robotic Cleaner in action:


With its excellent features and exceptional design, the DX3 dolphin robotic pool cleaner has been one of the best buys on the market for a number of years now. If you are one of those people who are tired of wasting time and energy on cleaning your pool, then this may be the device for you.

The Maytronics DX3 Dolphin Robotic Cleaner will do the job for you. It will clean your entire pool, from walls to floor, leaving you to put your feet up and relax while this amazing bot does the job for you.

All you need to do regarding your new little helper is to keep it stored accordingly, clean it as often as the instruction manual says and in the way it tells you to do it. If you do this, be sure that your robotic pool cleaner will stay with you for a long time and it will keep your pool clean and dirt-free.

You don’t have to face these problems anymore and you can always plan ahead your fun swim in the pool. You will finally be able to enjoy all the benefits of pool life, without the pain of manually cleaning and maintaining the pool.

This all means that you are left with more time to sunbathe, swim and do other activates you might want to enjoy. Who wouldn’t want that, right?

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