How Much Is a Pool Cleaner

How Much Is a Pool Cleaner?

Pool Cleaners – the most important information regarding buying one and how much should you actually pay

There are many demands from having an outdoor pool – you must clean it and you must do it thoroughly. However, this takes up a lot of energy – traditionally people have done it by using their muscle strength and some sponges and brushes.

They would spend hours in the empty pool just scrubbing the walls and the floor in order to get a few days of quality swimming in their own pool. This is the reason why people started using automatic pool cleaners as an alternative and better path to a clean pool.

Unlike pool cleaning services or manual work – you only pay for a pool cleaner once and you have the investment for a long time and the results are much better than with using services or doing it yourself.

We do understand that paying for a good pool cleaner is not cheap, but we would definitely suggest buying one because of the long term benefits it provides, unlike other and more traditional ways of cleaning your pool.

So, if you are thinking of getting a pool for your yard or home, here is some great info you must know before you choose the right pool cleaner for you.

You must keep your pool as clean as possible

Your pool is a place where even though you don’t spend much time, you are definitely exposed to risks, especially health ones. Another reason why a clean pool is needed are aesthetics – the water looks like it is colored and it can even smell funny because many algae or leaves when decomposing in the water leave toxins.

However, this means that your body can also be affected by the decomposition of these algae or leaves. You shouldn’t risk health problems and issues – try to find the perfect way to keep your pool clean if you want to spend some time enjoying the benefits from it.

How do you keep your pool clean?

There are numerous ways how you can make sure that your home pool is being cleaned regularly and effectively:

  • Cleaning pool services
  • Cleaning pool services that use special chemicals
  • Manual individual work
  • Having a pool cleaning device

How much should you expect to pay for them?

Asides from the fact that if you clean your pool by yourself you don’t have to pay anything but a bit of your energy, the cleaning pool services can be a fair way of cleaning your pool but only externally – you don’t get a pool person that will scrub the insides of your pool day in and day out.

The prices you can expect to pay for cleaning services can vary in different countries but in most countries what you get for a reasonable amount of money is a person that has no knowledge in pool cleaning or anything else connected to it – this is because in most states this is a job that pays the minimum wage.

Therefore, we suggest putting your attention to pool cleaning devices – the only devices that you should pay in order to get something of equal quality in return.

There are three different types of automatic pool cleaners on the market today and you must be smart before you select the pool cleaner for you.

Above or In-Ground Pool Cleaners?

The In-ground pool cleaners are known for having a longer hose and cord because they need to access an area that is harder to reach. Additionally, great in-ground pool cleaners should have the ability to climb on sloped walls. On the other hand, automatic pool cleaners that are made for above ground swimming pools are specifically designed for pools that have a flat bottom, and they also operate with small pool pumps.

Even if you know whether you are buying an above or in-ground pool cleaner, you must make the right decision – which particular type of pool cleaner is the best for you and which one of them is most likely to fulfill your needs and wishes. Here is something that you might find helpful in order to make this decision.

Suction Cleaners

Suction pool cleaners are easily connected to the skimmer and they work with the power of suction from your filter pump. They also vacuum the debris in the pumping basket, some have a Skim-Vac plate accessory which makes them able to vacuum larger pieces of dirt and heavier debris. Most of them require a ¾ hp pump and they work at their finest with a 1 – 1.5 hp.

They are known to be cheap and even the fixes on them are inexpensive, however they do tend to get clogged easily because they bring a lot of debris and dirt in the pump.

Pressure cleaners

These cleaners can be found as an in-ground or above-ground pool cleaners and they should be connected with a wall return fitting, it also works by pressure that it gets from the filter pump. In-ground pools that have a hi-flow pressure cleaners can use a booster pump because this can make it capture the dirt in its own bag and ease the life of any pool owner.

However, you must know that even though pressure pool cleaners are the most effective way of cleaning your pool and they turn themselves on – they are very expensive and their installation is rather complicated.

Robotic Cleaners

Robotic pool cleaners are known for operating under lower voltage from a pool side power box. All you need to do is plug them in a GFCI outlet near the pool and the cord that easily flows in the water provides power to the drive and vacuum motor which makes them move around in the pool. They are fully independent on the filtration system and they can definitely do everything else they are programmed to do. They are easy to use and they are also easily programmable which means that you can fully control the cleaning cycles of your robotic pool cleaner for whilst you are away from home. It is true that some types of robotic pool cleaners can be expensive to buy and maintain, but it is indisputable that they do the best job.


The price for a pool cleaner can vary widely, depending on the specific brand and model. However, we have to say that with a higher amount of money you seem to be getting a higher amount of quality of your pool upkeep. This is why we found several tips that you as an average person can use in order to make the best choice that is also budget friendly, here they are:

  • If you have a suction or vacuum line – use it
  • Pressure cleaners are excellent with large leaves and twigs
  • If it does require tweaks, adjustments, maintenance and replacement of parts that are worn – it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work properly
  • Many pool cleaners don’t perform well when it comes to wall and stair cleaning. Seek out one that does.

Lastly we have to say, there is no magic formula on how to find the best pool cleaner there is. You have to look carefully and thoroughly to find the type of pool cleaner best suits your needs. However, make sure that you pay for a product that is of high quality and a product that has the sole reason of doing the job well – this rule excludes all other good looking or high tech pool cleaners that don’t do anything when they are put up to the task.

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