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Polaris 9550 Sport Robotic In-Ground Pool Cleaner Review

Polaris has manufactured a lot of quality pool cleaners, and it’s going to take something special to make one stand out from the rest. The Polaris 9550 is being marketed as one of those, but is it the real deal as far as performance and dependability are concerned? We knew the positive reviews it had been getting, but we wanted to find out for sure by reviewing it.


  • The 9550 comes with 7 cleaning cycles that you can program. Most robotic pool cleaners just come with one or two, so having seven of them provides additional options. The cleaning cycle tells the machine when to turn off, and the more options available the more flexible.
  • A 50 ft. cord is included, and it should be more than enough for most pool owners. The cord is well-designed so you can use it in its entirety without getting entangled. At the same time it is flexible enough for use in medium size pools.
  • A remote control is included, and it works very well. You can access all the important features of the 9550 here. Whether you use the remote or not, the 9550 picks up debris. We have to add that the pickup is consistent for both large and small debris.
  • The 9550 has an intelligent navigation system built in. Poorly made robot pool cleaners have a tendency to get stuck in various areas of the pool, but that rarely happens with the 9550. The reason for this is its ability to analyze your pool and its features.
  • The cleaner comes with a 2 year warranty. A lot of robot cleaners only have a one year warranty so it’s an added benefit. The customer support is also good, though most reviewers say it’s not necessary as the cleaner operates smoothly most of the time.
  • The 9550 comes with oscillating brushes, and these are used to remove not just dirt but also stains that have been left on the pool. When combined with the other features on the 9550, it’s easy to see why it’s capable of removing a lot of dirt.
  • The 9550 comes with Aqua-Trax tires for superior mobility and these tires are designed to work on different surfaces. These tires are durable, and their ability to function on different surfaces gives them the edge over other robotic pool cleaners.
  • The 9550 features a couple of technologies designed to boost cleaning performance. The first is the ActivMotion Sensor Technology, and this is what allows it to navigate large pools. The cleaner also uses the Vortex Vacuum Technology that enables it to find and collect debris.
  • A powder coated alloy caddy is included.


  • Easy to use and first users won’t have problems learning how it works.
  • The 9550 always runs at maximum suction, so debris is collected rapidly, reducing the cleaning time.
  • The 9550 is highly customizable, as you can have it clean specific sections of your pool. You can for instance, clean just the walls, the floor or the tile line. This is a nice feature and saves you time. If you just need to do some light cleaning, there’s no point having the unit go over the entire pool.
  • The unit is lightweight and easy to take out of the pool.


  • Like the Polaris 9350 and 9450, the 9550 is only meant for in-ground pools.
  • The instruction manual could have been more detailed.


The 9550 has some powerful features and specs, so let’s see how well it stacks up with two other popular robotic pool cleaners, the Pentair 360032 Kreepy Krauly and the Aquabot Elite.

The Aquabot Elite costs less than the 9550, but it doesn’t clean pools very well. It works fine in some instances, but there are a significant number of customers who aren’t satisfied with its performance. While the 9550 picks up dirt, the Elite leaves dirt in various areas, even with multiple passes.

The Kreepy Krauly is more closely matched with the 9550 when it comes to cleaning. Both cleaners collect dirt and navigate pools clearly.

The problem with the Kreepy Krauly is the control screen sometimes displays wrong information, i.e. the filter is must be emptied.  That may not seem like much, but this can be a real irritant.

The Kreepy Krauly and the Aquabot Elite are good robotic pool cleaners, but you’re going to get more value for your money with the 9550. These are what you would categorize as among the high end robotic cleaners, so you should always seek maximum production from your investment. In this case, the Polaris wins out.


The Polaris 9550 is an exceptional in-ground pool cleaner. It’s got some issues yes, but overall we like how it cleans in-ground pools. It’s really easy to use and it rarely leaves dirt behind.

If you’re after a robotic pool cleaner that will keep your pool clean without any compromise, the 9550 is worth considering.

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