Robotic cleaner troubleshooting

Robotic Cleaner Troubleshooting

If you use a robotic cleaner to clean your swimming pool, then by now, you must have got used to its automatic service. However, if your robotic cleaner doesn’t function as it should, then don’t panic as the reason can be quite simple and easily rectifiable.

Robotic cleaner troubleshooting is generally easy and simple and can be carried out by the machine users themselves.

Common Trouble Shooting Tips

Robotic cleaner problems mostly fall into one of the categories listed below. Should you incur any problem included under any particular category, then just follow the guidelines mentioned in that category to rectify the problem. One or more guidelines may be applicable.

The Pump Motor or Drive Motor does not run

Check the AC/GFI outlet, with another machine, try another outlet. Turn the power supply of the cleaner off and then after 30 seconds turn it on again. Try to turn on the power supply without the extension cord to check for any problem with the chord.

The Robotic Cleaner does not move

Check for debris in tracks, brushes, and impeller. Remove impeller cap if required and clean with a hose pipe.

There may be an object in the pool which prevents the machine from moving, in which case turn off the machine and remove the object or take away the machine from the object.

There may be a problem with attaching the filter bag; for this, run the machine without the filter bag and reattach the filter bag properly as per instructions in the manual.

Check the tracks and if they are loose or have become detached, then attach them properly.

Absence of Suction

Check if the filter bag has been properly installed, run the cleaner without the filter bag and if okay, re-fix the filter bag properly.

Check the filter bag for debris, and if present, clean thoroughly with a hose pipe. The washing machine may also be used.

Check for debris in fan/ impeller, remove the impeller cap if required, and if not, then clean properly with a hose pipe.

The Robotic Cleaner starts but stops

Check the filter bag for proper installation, run the machine without it and if running reinstall the filter bag as per manual instructions, also check the bottom lid for proper fixation.

If the filter bag has become full, then remove it and clean thoroughly and replace again.

Check for debris in tracks, impeller and clean thoroughly if required. Clean by removing the impeller cap if necessary.

Check the brushes and ring, and if they have worn out, replace them.

Check for any obstruction in the pool, and if present, remove the machine from the object or remove the object.

The Robotic cleaner spins or moves in circles

Check for filter bag installation, debris caught in tracks/impeller, obstruction present in the pool and take measures as discussed in the above types of problems.

Also check tracks for proper fixation, if loose or detached then attach properly.

The Robotic Cleaner does not climb

Check for filter bag installation, debris caught in tracks/impeller, and check whether the filter bag full.

Check for pool chemistry (algae growth) and remove unwanted growth.

The machine cord gets tangled

After every 1-2 cycles of cleaning, unplug the floating cord from the power supply.

The length of the cord in the pool should not be too long and neither too short.

After use unwind the cord. Before starting out, a cleaning cycle gets the cord straightened out by walking the cleaning machine the length of the pool.

When not in use, wrap up the cord correctly by making large loops and starting at the cleaner end.

The cleaner floats on water

The air may have got trapped in the filter bag, in which case rock the machine backward and forwards under water to release any trapped air.

The machine might be climbing too high, in which case add weight to it.

For any D. E present in the filter bag (having been sucked in from the pool), clean the filter bag thoroughly as the D.E can clog the filter bag.

In General

Take all the necessary precautions while fixing the parts of the machine (filter bag, belts, tracks) and follow the manual instructions.

Clean filter bag regularly. Do not pull the cord while taking out the machine, bend and pull it out by its handle. Never run the machine out of the water.

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