Robotic cleaner brands

Robotic Pool Cleaner Brands

Worldwide, there are numerous Robotic Pool Cleaner brands present. In the USA there are several manufacturers who have floated their brands, but the lesser known Chinese and even African manufacturers are also making Robotic Cleaners. In several countries, like India, where there are no or lesser known native manufacturers for this product, there may be dealers who have sourced arrangements with manufacturers of foreign countries.

Well Known Brands:

There are several firms, mostly based out of the US, which have become globally renowned in the field of pool manufacturing and solutions due to their long standing dedication or proven expertise in this field. Their products and brands have made an identity among people worldwide and seekers of their products immediately put their trust on these brands. Some of the globally well known brands/manufacturers are:

Brands and Products:

Some of the different products under the umbrella of the well-known brands are:

Initial Information Search

The above-differentiated products are just a few of the many plethoras of the products available under each brand name that can be found on well-known internet sites through which people can buy them. Given such detailed and plentiful choices, making a purchase decision calls for careful deliberation and often may be very time-consuming. Even if you are able to make a particular choice, then there are chances that you may suffer from post purchase decision error – a feeling that you might have missed a better alternative. So it is advisable that the first time you search for information on various available products and brands just wear a scanner’s hat and not a decision maker’s one, and try to get a general idea first. Later on, you may decide to purchase online or offline. If you purchase online, ensure availability of local support through dealers as well as the dealer support capabilities. For this very reason, many may prefer to purchase direct from dealers who also provide support for the particular product/brand.

Brands and their Dealers

In many locations, there are dealers who like to offer their customers different brands as per their requirements and budget. Manufacturers may set up their own dealer outlets or enter into agreements with independent dealers. The agreement can be based on sole dealership or shared dealership. In the former type of agreement, a dealer can sell brands of only one manufacturer, whereas in the latter type of agreement a dealer can sell brands of multiple manufacturers. Type of agreement depends on several factors, including dealer availability, costs involved, dealer-manufacturer partnership, dealer/manufacturer domination etc. Most of these dealers possess technical knowledge and are easily able to sift through the various different products available under the different brand names and come up with an appropriate solution for their customers. The dealers may also have trained personnel to provide support to customers who buy from them regardless of the brand. Several times, the identity/reputation of the dealer in a particular location may dominate the brand and customers may buy as per the recommendations of the dealer.

To Conclude

A preliminary internet search on brands can spew up a plethora of brands and different products, yet ground realities may be different. Selecting a particular brand and product should be based on local support availability, besides other considerations like preference, requirements, budget, etc.

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