Robotin pool cleaner comparison

Robotic Pool Cleaner Comparison

Robotic pool cleaners have made the lives of many pool owners easier. Manually cleaning pools is a whole day affair, but with a robot cleaner it will only take 2 to 3 hours. So it’s not surprising that manufacturers have come up with various models, each claiming to be the best available.

With so many options to choose from, you need to take a systematic approach and make a robotic pool cleaner comparison. First you narrow the list down to the cleaners designed for your pool’s size. Next you filter the list to two or three robotic pool cleaners. You can use price as a basis, but read also customer reviews and the brand’s reputation.

Cleaning Area

What areas of the pool do you want the robotic pool cleaner to focus on? All of them can clean the pool floor, but what about the steps, stairs, walls, cove and the waterline? An ideal cleaner cleans all of those, but most specialize in three or four of those areas. This doesn’t mean a cleaner that specializes in pool floors, walls and steps can’t clean stairs and coves. It can, but it won’t be as effective.


Most cleaners have a one year warranty, but others have two or even three. Don’t underestimate or ignore the warranty especially if you’re going to use the cleaner regularly. Customer support is also important, and there should be a simple process for getting refunds or replacement parts.

Ease of Use

Robotic cleaners are easy to use, or at least most of them are. Start by comparing the installation process. The best ones don’t even need to be installed, and you don’t have to mess around with your pool’s system. Some of them even have a remote so it’s even more convenient to use.

The simplest robot pool cleaner should do its job automatically. Once you’ve turned the machine on, put it in the water and it will clean the pool. After cleaning the robot should turn itself off, and you just need to lift it out of the pool. That’s how an ideal cleaner works, and it’s what you should look for.

Navigation Intelligence

Robotic pool cleaners distinguish themselves by how well they navigate pools. Some are only meant for specific pool shapes, while others can clean different types of pools. As long as the robot is designed to clean your pool style it should not be a problem. If your pool has a lot of curves and hard to reach areas, the “smarts” of the robotic pool cleaner will be crucial. For example, the Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner’s Smart Nav System is a good example of a more sophisticated pool navigation system.

Energy Consumption

An energy efficient cleaner is a must. Just how energy efficient the pool cleaner is depends on a lot of factors like the size of your pool, how dirty it is, the cleaner’s power and so on. The manufacturer website should provide some details about this, so that’s the first place you should look.

Other Factors and Features to Compare

  • Portability: lifting a robotic pool cleaner in a pool of water can be difficult, so make sure it is portable. If you’re going to use the machine on a consistent basis, portability is a must.
  • Surface compatibility: what types of pool surfaces does the cleaner work on? Some are only good on concrete, others on vinyl liner or other synthetic materials. The more versatile the pool cleaner is, the easier your cleanup will be.
  • Power cord: some robot pool cleaners don’t allow you to use an extension cord so you’re stuck with what the cleaner has to offer. Measure your pool size and decide on a cleaner that suits it.
  • Remote control: this is not really a necessary feature, but it’s something you may need if you like to tinker with the device settings.
  • Noise level: the source for this would be customer reviews as they’ll tell you how loud or silent it is.


if you spend any time reading reviews of robotic pool cleaners, you’ll notice that some of the complaints have stemmed from customers who wish they had gotten another product. That is why it is important you take the time to compare cleaners and learn what they can do. The time you spend doing this is going to help you make the right purchase.

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