Robotin pool cleaner dolphin vs aquabot

Robotic Pool Cleaner Dolphin vs Aquabot

There are a lot of quality brands in the robot pool cleaner market, and few are as popular as Dolphin and Aquabot. They’re both highly regarded, with their products are consistently getting good reviews. But which of the two brands is better? For this matchup we’re going to pit the Dolphin DX5+S against the Aquabot Turbo T2.

Cleaning Area

The Dolphin DX5+S cleaner does an exceptional job cleaning pool floors and walls, and it also removes dirt on coves and waterlines. It has a cleaning cycle of 2 to 4 hours and has a 60 ft. cord. A caddy is also included for your convenience.

The Aquabot Turbo T2 on the other hand, specializes on pool floors and walls. It doesn’t clean coves and waterlines as well as the Dolphin, but it’s better at cleaning the steps.

Cleaning Cycle

The cleaning cycle refers to the amount of time a pool cleaner runs before shutting down. The DX5+S has a 2 to 4 hour cleaning cycle whereas the T2 runs for one hour. If you’ve got a large pool, the longer running cycle of DX5+S is more suitable, but for small and medium sized pools the T2 running cycle will do. However, the fact that you can set the DX5+S to 2, 3 or 4 hours is an advantage.

Cord and Caddy

Both have a caddy included, but the T2 has a slightly longer cord at 61 feet while the one on the DX5+S is 60 feet. Both cords seem durable and don’t get entangled, and that’s good to know if you’re doing a lot of cleaning.


The DX5+S has a 3 year warranty, which is pretty much the standard for robot pool cleaners. However, the T2 offers a 4 year warranty. Both are reputable companies with good customer support, but the extra year for the warranty gives the T2 the edge in this area.

Dolphin DX5+S Highlights

Dolphin Dynamic DX5S Robotic Pool Cleaner

  • Energy Efficient: the DX5+S is energy efficient, as it uses little power during the cleanup process. It picks up debris and dirt quickly, and there’s no installation required. The DX5+S operates independently from your pool’s filtration and pump system, which translates to savings in time and money.
  • Remote Control: if you don’t need to use the full run cycle, use the remote control to manage the settings with greater accuracy.
  • IntelliScan Technology: the IntelliScan Technology allows the Dolphin DX5+S to analyze your pool for optimum cleaning.
  • Pro Caddy: a high end transport caddy is included for more comfortable storage and handling. With its durable design, you can expect the DX5+S to last a long time.

The DX5+S is also equipped to clean tiles, and there’s a weekly timer included for precision work. You also get dual level solid mesh filter, a swivel cable, a full filter indicator and the aforementioned remote control. Speaking of the remote, you can use that to access the Enhanced Deep Cleaning feature for more intensive work. If you have used the other pool cleaners in the DX line, you’ll be familiar with its interface.

Aquabot Turbo T2 Highlights

Aquabot ABTRT2R1 Turbo T2 In-Ground Robotic Pool Cleaner

  • Lower Chemical Usage: the T2 has been designed to use as few chemicals as possible. This is possible thanks to its smart design that spreads the chemicals in the pool, maximizing its use.
  • Water Circulation: the T2 has a water circulation of 5,000 gal/hr, improving water filtration while cutting energy costs.
  • Energy: the T2 cleans your pool thoroughly, and this cuts back filter usage by up to 25%. The end result of this is a reduction in energy bills.

The T2 is eco-friendly and makes it easy to clean your pool. As the feature highlights above indicate, the T2 is designed for pool owners who want a convenient but powerful robot pool cleaner.

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So which of the two is better? They’re both excellent pool cleaners, and the choice is up to you. Both clean pool floors and walls, but if you want the cleaner to also clean the waterline and cove, the DX5+S is the ideal option. But if you need to focus on the pool steps, you’re better off with the Turbo T2. But the fact is both are efficient and should serve your needs whether you’re new to robot pool cleaners or not.

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