Top Pool Owners Websites in 2017

Top Pool Owners Blogs

Taking care of your pool can be very satisfying, but also complicated at times. Buying a pool can be just as difficult if you don't know what it is you need. There are so many different kinds of pools, chemicals, pool cleaners and accessories that it can sometimes be really hard to know where to start. Luckily, there are articles like these that can provide information on where to turn when things get confusing. The following is a list of incredibly helpful websites that can assist you with just about any of your pool-related needs, questions, or concerns. You won't have to worry about feeling lost with your pool ever again.

Hayward Poolside Blog

This website has information on both in-ground and above-ground pools and includes articles, how-to's and information on a multitude of pool related products. You can find a decent amount of information on just about any pool product here, from chemicals to robotic pool cleaners of different kinds.


Trouble Free Pool

This website has a very convenient “pool school” complete with lessons and articles on various aspects of pool ownership. It also has a forum so that you can chat with other pool owners and a plethora of calculators to help you determine how much of a given chemical you need in your pool.


Swimming Pool Learning

This website was designed by a pool service professional who has been in the profession for many years. It includes YouTube videos and helpful blog posts. You'll even be able to find an e-book on pool care to help give you the information you need to keep your pool running smoothly.


Swim University

This website provides information on care for both pools and hot tubs including how-to guides, lists of helpful products, and solutions to common problems that pool and hot tub owners experience. It's incredibly useful when it comes to questions you may have with regards to cleaning or general pool maintenance.


Pool Advisors

This website includes buying guides on popular products including pool covers and other accessories as well as reviews for various kinds of pool products and tips and tricks for both buying pools and maintenance. This website will definitely be able to help you in finding the best products to take care of your needs.



This is a website where you can find information on top pool products, including the newest in pool technology, as well as informational videos and calculators to help determine how efficient your pool is. There is a lot of really in-depth information on this website that can show you the potential for the future of pool care.



Here, you can buy parts and accessories for your pool as well as find do-it-yourself resources such as how-to's, blogs, forums, chats videos, and information on pool repair. If there's any project you need help with getting started on, or are having questions about, this site will be sure to point you in the right direction.


Healthy Pools

This website provides information and resources on how to keep your pool healthy and clean including articles, FAQ's and even a section oriented towards children. If you want to teach your kids about the benefits of pool safety, this is the website to visit!


River Pools & Spas Blog

This website includes examples of popular pool designs as well as a library of informational videos, pool pricing guides and a blog on pool care. There are also designs available on this site for patios and other areas that often surround a pool.


Mike the Poolman

This site provides articles on pool care as well as information on different kinds of pool pumps and a helpful blog. If you live in the areas listed in the site, this is also a place where you can look into professional services for your pool.


America's Swimming Pool Company

This is a website for a professional pool servicing company which includes cleaning and maintenance of pools in twenty different states as well as a blog to assist you with various aspects of pool care. If you live in one of the 20 sites and would rather not have to deal with the weekly or monthly efforts of pool care, you can look into having it done by a professional here.


Pool Wizard

Here you can find information on the patented “Pool Wizard” products, as well as FAQ's and answers to common pool problems. If you're looking for a patented tool that can help you to keep your pool clean and safe, this is the place.


Poolcenter Blog

This website contains a blog as well as a convenient place to purchase pool parts, accessories, and parts for various pool accessories. You can purchase just about anything you might need for your pool here, all available in one easy-to-order from location.


SPP Speciality Pool Products Blog

This is a place to conveniently purchase pool cleaners, equipment and chemicals, as well as pools, covers and other necessary pool accessories. Anything you might need, from chemicals to cleaners to the actual pool itself is available here for you to look through and decide what you might need.


Pool Supply World Blog

Here you can find information on products for your pool as well as product reviews. You can also find information on pool maintenance including what to do when opening or closing your pool, winterizing it, or when dealing with pool safety or water chemistry.


Clean Pool & Spa

On this website, you'll be able to find information on pool cleaning. There are also helpful videos and e-books as well as a blog. Any form of information you might want to look through or watch to gain information about taking care of your pool can be found here with just a few clicks of a button.


Pool Help Forum

This is a forum for you to discuss pool care with other pool owners and professionals. You'll be able to gather information, find answers to problems and even pick up some tips and tricks.


The Pool Forum

This is a place to get information on pool care from others as well as have your pool-related questions answered and find information on various pool products and strategies for care.



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